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We take you to "La Laguna" so you can enjoy a unique freeride experience.

Sundays and Mondays

(and privately)

(Experience 2 days) 

(12 noon)

It includes

Level 3 Inst. + ANENA Inst. + AAGM Guide

does not include

safety gear, skimo/splitboard, but we put you in contact with a trusted rental

Mandatory levels

Advanced and Experts

ski level Blacks runs
Is a ski level master

Day 1


On the first day in the morning, an instructor from ANENA (Association Nationale pour l'Étude de la Neige et des Avalanches) gives you an introductory talk on safety equipment, shovel, arva and probe. 

Arva - Avalanche Patagonia Argentina
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Ski & Snowboard lessons in Cerro Catedral - Patagonia Argentina


In the afternoon you are going to walk with a level 3 AADIDESS teacher so that he can make the necessary corrections in your skiing.

ski level Black runs
master ski level


To end the day, the teacher takes you to an off-piste where you will have to show him that you can go to La Laguna. If you pass by, the next day an AAGM guide takes you to "La Laguna" with skins.

Patagonia  Argentina Powder

Day 2


Backcountry Patagonia Argentina, Cerro Catedral.

It's for you?

Walking with skins on inclined surfaces is a mind game that you can only overcome if you are present in each of your steps. If you are one of those people who like to push their limits to balance their body and mind. Without a doubt, this experience is for you. 

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Cross Country and Backcountry in Cerro Catedral, from bottom to top

How will your day be?

We meet at 9:30 a.m. equipped at the base of Catedral ski resort, we test the safety equipment of each member and we go up the Amancay gondola lift, we ski down to the forest chair and we go up. At the entrance of "La Laguna", we place the skins and start.

On top

Once we reach the top, we stop to eat, hydrate ourselves, appreciate the beautiful view of the mountain and go down the face that offers us the best snow. So that you feel the adrenaline of FREERIDE in your bones. 

foto de La Laguna - Cerro Catedral - Patagonia, Argentina
Powder skiing Patagonia Argentina

What do you take away from this experience?

You take the initial knowledge in Backcountry, avalanche safety and off-piste. essentials _  to enjoy this beautiful discipline that will make you go through inhospitable mountains with  off the slopes than ever  you imagined

Splitboard Powder Patagonia Argentina
Mini Alaska - Skiing Patagonia

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Backcountry Patagonia Argentina
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